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Wonder Women Iron On Patch

Embroidered iron-on patches featuring wonder woman logo.


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These Patches are woven with Extreme Precision and Detail. With Most Designs Using Metallic Threads Makes This An Exceptional Product. These Rare and Hard to Find Patches, They will make both of Your Jean Vest and Jacket look old skool!

Instructions For Iron On:

  1. Place patch onto anywhere of cloth directly.
  2. Cover a thin cloth on patch,and then iron on.Avoid using Iron directly on patch to protect the patch under high temperature.
  3. Keep pressing the iron around 40-60 seconds and temp.Approx 120-150(Depends on the thickness of cloth).
  4. Move out iron,wait for cool down completely.
  5. If adherece is not perfectly,please repeat action 3)&4).
  • Weight
    0.006 lbs
  • Dimensions
    5 x 5 x 0.05 in


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